Welcome to Exquisite African Art

We at Exquisite African Art pride ourselves in providing the very best in African art for the discerning collector. Our passion is devoted to sourcing authentic African art that has real beauty and style catering for the needs of real lovers of African art.

We started our journey in African art as collectors which became a huge passion. After years of collecting we decided that we wanted to share our passion with other like minded collectors which was the evolution of where we are today with Exquisite African Art.

As many collectors will know that a good 70 -80% (if not more) of African art is made for the copy market since the 1950’s, We try our best where possible to dig deeper and find the real artefacts in more remote villages of West Africa.  We have a trusted and reliable team of  tribal hunters in Africa who work along side tribal Chiefs from many different tribes and villages, who have been with us for a few years now and they have been acquiring African art  for 20 or more years. With a combined knowledge it enables us to source genuine items direct from Africa. We also source beautiful items from old collections and collectors from all around the world by using our years of knowledge within this field.

As the word “Exquisite” suggests we always try to source the more unusual, rare and beautiful pieces enabling us to provide our  existing and new collectors / customers with that extra special genuine artefact to enhance an existing or new collection.

If you are after a specific piece and we do not have one listed on our website, please feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to source an item or items you wish to obtain.

Latest Pieces

Kambata Headrest

Headrests are known from a few places in the world, they are most prevalent and well-known from traditional African cultures, as a traditional African means of protecting intricate hair styles while

N Debele Apron

The main beaded area is worked in black beads with diamond shaped bead work carried out in yellow, blue, green and red beads outlined with white beads. A stunningly, heavy beaded fringe adds movement to the bottom edge of this n'debele apron.

Luba Caryatid Headrest (SOLD)

Among the Luba people the headrest serves as a cool, hard but not uncomfortable pillow. They are also used to protect the most elaborate hairstyles/coiffure of women and men while they sleep.

Maasai Wedding Necklaces

Comprising of a series of metal rings intricately decorated with glass beads of many colours which include red, green, blue, yellow, orange and white make up these wonderful adornments for a Massai bride.

Senufo Tchon Stool

That said the cute zoomorphic head is very captivating and endearing. This particular style of Senufo stool is that of royalty and specifically for the queen to sit on. Being used when sitting with the villagers during meetings.

Baule Goli KpleKple Mask

The kplekple masks are classed as a junior mask (in some villages classed as the offspring of the Glin and the Kpwan masks, Glin being the father and Kpwan the mother). In the Goli festival there are usually 2 kplekple masks, one black "kplekple yasua" (male) and the other being red, the "kplekple bla" (female).

Dogon Mancala Board

Mancala games/boards differ from region to region in style of the board and construction for example some Mancala boards have legs and feet, ornate bases and the number of hollows may vary.

Gurage Gouraghe Headrest

A lot of time and care having been taken to decorate the stem of this Gurage headrest being shown not only by the intricate design but also by the colouring in both an orange and red pigment highlighting its fascinating design.