Welcome to Exquisite African Art

We at Exquisite African Art pride ourselves in providing the very best in African art for the discerning collector. Our passion is devoted to sourcing authentic African art that has real beauty and style catering for the needs of real lovers of African art.

We started our journey in African art as collectors which became a huge passion. After years of collecting we decided that we wanted to share our passion with other like minded collectors which was the evolution of where we are today with Exquisite African Art.

As many collectors will know that a good 70 -80% (if not more) of African art is made for the copy market since the 1950’s, We try our best where possible to dig deeper and find the real artefacts in more remote villages of West Africa.  We have a trusted and reliable team of  tribal hunters in Africa who work along side tribal Chiefs from many different tribes and villages, who have been with us for a few years now and they have been acquiring African art  for 20 or more years. With a combined knowledge it enables us to source genuine items direct from Africa. We also source beautiful items from old collections and collectors from all around the world by using our years of knowledge within this field.

As the word “Exquisite” suggests we always try to source the more unusual, rare and beautiful pieces enabling us to provide our  existing and new collectors / customers with that extra special genuine artefact to enhance an existing or new collection.

If you are after a specific piece and we do not have one listed on our website, please feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to source an item or items you wish to obtain.

Latest Pieces

Kuba Textile

A lovely Kuba textile showing a stunning geometric design, typical of the Shoowa people of Kuba Kingdom DRC. Using the leaves of the raffia tree, the Kuba people of the Congo first hand cut, and then weave the strips of leaf to make pieces of fabric

Dogon Door Lock Ta Koguru

Each lock is given a name in accordance with its message, person, myth, or any anecdote referred to. Door locks were a prized gift for young brides, and passed down from generation to generation.

Baule Diviners Oracle Pot "Gbekre-Se"

A truly fascinating and exquisite Baule Diviners Oracle Pot "Gbekre-Se" from Sakassou Ivory Coast. This pot is beautifully styled, depicting two small mask representations on either side of chamber an elevated figure to the rear.

Senufo Stool

A beautiful and aged Senufo Stool. Its four legs are round peg style and show signs of plenty of use down to the fact each of the ends of the legs have been worn away were the stool would have been placed repeatedly in the ground

Kuba Textile

Kuba people in the Republic of the Congo have made beautifully embroidered ritual cloths of raffia. Men weave the plain-weave ground fabrics on simple vertical looms, then women ornament these textiles with imaginative geometric patterning

Guro Maternity Figure

Beautiful and rare Guro Maternity Figure with a stunning symmetry. This wonderful figure comes from the village of Zenoula south west of the Ivory Coast. Previous to having a stand this lovely maternity figure will have spent some of its life simply lying down on its back which is shown by the very visible wear marks to the back of the

Kamba Stool

A lovely simply styled Kamba Stool. This endearing three legged stool is carved from just one piece of wood, its three legs and dish shaped seat giving this stool from the Kamba tribe of Kenya its charming appearance

Senufo Pombia Rythym Pounder

During funeral processions, male and female pombia figures are carried by the upper arms, swung from side to side and pounded on the ground regularly. This is to drive away evil spirits thus creating a smooth and safe passage for the deceased's spirit into the land of ancestors.