Nigerian Brass Bangle

  • Tribe: Benin
  • Origin: Nigeria
  • Approx Age: Early - Mid 20th Century
  • Materials: Brass
  • Dimensions cm: 13 outer diameter x 6 inner
  • Ref. Number: 0036

This lovely Nigerian brass bangle came from an old collection of a now deceased collector. He acquired his large collection whilst being posted in Nigeria during WW11 and continued to collect for a while after his return.

Just like a piece of jewellery reflects the wearer’s unique and personal style, it’s chosen manufacturing method is intended to produce a desired signature style. As within most African tribes jewellery is a well used to adorned and show position of wealth and nobility.

The person known as the blacksmith would have the responsibility of producing such wonderful items to be worn. The tradional lost wax method of creating brass/bronze jewellery is used.  Once an ancient method for creating bronze sculptures, lost wax casting jewelry (also called investment casting) originated around 2000 BC and has experienced resurgence in the 20th century. The process for lost wax jewelry casting involves pouring molten metal into a hand-crafted mold and then breaking the mold to reveal the finished product.

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Many various types of styles and designs of brass bangle have been found throughout Africa each of them holding their own beauty and craftsmanship whether used as many were,as what is known as slave trade bangles (the manila) or used as signs of wealth and nobility or just simply worn as a way to adorn and decorate the body in just a plain and simple way or in a full and flamboyant manner the bangle is one of the most widely produced and used forms of African Art.