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We at Exquisite African Art pride ourselves in providing the very best in African art.

We are passionate and devoted to sourcing pieces of art that are authentic, tribally used, have real beauty and style catering for the needs of real lovers of African art.

We obtain our pieces directly from villages from many different countries primarily in West Africa with indispensable help of tribal hunters who liaise with the chiefs and elders of villages on our behalf. Artefacts are also sourced and obtained from old collections and also tribal auctions, thus enabling us to provide exquisite pieces of tribal art for you to see and possibly own.


African Art Collectors

Being collectors of African art for many years now, we have found that no matter how long you have been in this fascinating world there is always more to learn, and undiscovered treasures to be found.

We also use the “Scientific Laboratory of the Museo d’Arte e Scienza” for have certain pieces tested for a very accurate age determination via a method called “IR Spectroscopy” Dr Martin Mattheas is the scientist we use at the German laboratory for his expertise in this area.

These are just two examples of the certificates for our pieces from Dr Martin Mattheas.

If you are after a specific piece and we do not have one listed on our website, please feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to source an item or items you wish to obtain.

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