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African doors have various uses within a tribe’s society. Some uses are as simple as a physical closure to their home or granaries, doors are created and exchanged as gifts for birthdays, marriages, tokens of luck and rites of passage bequests. When used as a part of the architecture, as a door or shutter, in a private abode, through the use of symbols they are used to describe the occupation of the person or that persons persona or status in the village.

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Doors can also be served as a sign to taxpayers, letting them know which form of payment was accepted in the adjoining building. The symbolic styling of the doors can vary. Within some tribes styling, pairs of breasts, representing femininity and fertility are found, and also carved guards for security, not only from other tribe’s people but from bugs and rodents that may infiltrate their granaries, animals for strength and power and ancestral figures for remembrance.

The door lock may also be part of the door structure. These locks can be as elaborate as the doors themselves or as plain and simple as the  door it adorns. Not every door will have a lock and made be held closed or shut using only a simple piece of rope or string or even more simply just wedged to keep it shut.

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