Our miscellaneous page has been created and devoted to the very many different pieces and items of African Art that perhaps does not fit into a precise category or have an accurate place within a title.  Within the miscellaneous page we are covering a whole host of those wonderful, fascinating and intriguing curiosities that have a place all of their own.
Our miscellaneous collection
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We have lovely eclectic mix of ceremonial, everyday utilitarian and prestigious pieces that fit in this catagory. Each and every piece is a unique handcrafted work of art.

This page displays many of those wonderful items of art that are made and used in Africa on a day to day basis, many as important and functional as the more prestigious tribal figures or tribal masks but as equally as needed for the everyday life. The pieces that still have a place in any collection, giving a true picture of African living.

Sometimes it is those very special pieces that go into the miscellaneous section that give us the greater insight into the real world of where and what we are beginning to discover.

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