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As with everything that is African, pots and vessels play their own special part in each and everyday life within the community. Whether the purpose is to be used as simple cooking pot or eating bowl to the more elaborate vessels that are used for the powers of divination, inauguration, or welcoming pots each item has a very significant place in African tradition.
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A varied array of materials are used to create pots and vessels, some of these include wood, clay, terracotta, bronze, gourdes (a large fruit with a hard skin) and also raffia (plant fibre) when it comes to basketwork vessels/containers.

Gourdes being very light, are widely used through out Africa for the purpose of water carrying and can be very highly decorated with either painted on designs or cowrie shells and leather straps with which to carry them with.

Some of the more elaborately carved and decorated vessels include the wooden pots of various sizes, that are used for Ceremonial Initiations, the purpose of Oracle Divination (Mouse Oracle), Offering Pots (food sharing), Ceremonial Drinking (Palm Wine) Cups to Tukula boxes that are used simply to house Tukula powder for  decoration thing or keeping safe jewellery and trinkets.

From the everyday cooking and drinking pots and vessels to those used for and by the more higher ranking tribal members  for ceremonial rituals,  they all have their special  purpose and place in tribal day to day living.

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