Bamileke Feathered Hat

Totally captivating, amazingly made ceremonial Bamileke feathered hat.

Tribe: Bamileke

Origin: Grasslands Cameroon

Approx Age: Later 20th Century

Materials: Woven cloth/Feathers

Dimensions cm: 34 (tall) x 45 (feather spread)

Ref. Number: 1132



Stunningly intriguing Bamileke feather ceremonial hat. The main shape is made of a woven fabric similar to that of hessian sacking. Creating a band to which the crown is completely woven with feathers (probably chicken). Such is the multi-tonal colouring of these feathers, all shades of dark brown through to cream, it gives a wonderful opulent feel to this ceremonial piece of Bamileke atire. This hat is in good condition, maybe due to the fact that this style of hat is designed to fold in on itself helping to protect the feathers when not in use.


The Bamileke are the native people of three regions of Cameroon, namely West, North-West and South-West. Though greater part of this people are from the West region, it is estimated that over the 1/3 of Bamileke are from the English speaking regions, the majority of which are from the North-West region (there are 123 Bamileke villages in this region, against 06 in the South-West).

Customs and traditions are also very strong within the Bamileke. Ceremonial costume/dress playing a valuable part. Many costumes are elaborate and grand with most outfits being accompanied with a headdress or hat. Infact it would be unheard of that any outfit would be worn without a hat or headdress accompaniment. Feathered hats/headdresses can range from a smaller cap adorned with many feathers to the wonderfully elaborate large Juju’s. Creating a magnificent display of power and nobility when ceremonies and festivals take place.


The photo opposite was taken by Abdel Aziz Gbetnkom, he attended at this harvest festival and was sat among 14 chiefs of neighbouring villages and took some great photos of this spectacle and shared them with us as this feathered headdress here for sale Abdel purchased on our behalf.


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