Bamileke Oku Dance Mask

Oku people of the Bamileke are a subdivision in the North West region of Cameroon.

Bikom mask

Tribe: Oku/Bamileke

Origin: North West Cameroon

Approx Age: 1950-60

Materials: wood

Dimensions cm: 40 x 30

Ref. Number: 1657


An excellent example of a Bamileke dance mask from the Oku region, these masks are worn almost horizontally on the head on top of a knitted mask that completely covers the head and face of the dancer. This mask has a nice rich wear patina from being used. The hair on the top of the mask and where it depicts a beard is human hair woven into a hessian-type material.


Bamileke festivals/ceremonies of which these masks are still danced today are huge, the number of people who turn up to rejoice in festivities is overwhelming.

Cameroon royal masks represent the power and nobility of their owner, some examples were so large that they were never danced but only carried in procession. The masked dancer peers through a scarf-like fabric positioned completely over the head and face sitting below the mask, as the masks are worn on top of the head like in the stock photo. The elegant carving and highly refined features of this mask show true skill from the carver.

Oku mask

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