Bamileke Porcupine Quill Hat

Amazing ceremonial Bamileke porcupine quill hat.

Tribe: Bamileke

Origin: Grasslands Cameroon

Approx Age: Mid – Later 20th Century

Materials: Cotton/Porcipine Quills

Dimensions cm: 22 (tall) x 17 (wide)

Ref. Number: 1147



Mid-later 20th century ceremonial Bamileke porcipine quill hat. This hat is made of a dark brown cotton thread, carefully created using the crochet technique to give the shape and base to which it then has had numerous porcipine quills attatched. The natural colours within the quills really compliment the cotton crochet thread to give this stunning hat a truely regal sence of appeal and opulence.



In the Grassfields region of Cameroon, porcupine quills are reserved for royal fashion, with strict guidelines governing their display and use. Objects such as this ceremonial hat symbolize the important role that the fon, or king, plays as a sacred and powerful figurehead and the protector of the kingdom. This annexation of natural elements (often from animals) has a twofold purpose in terms of articulating royal power: first, it suggests the capacity of the fon to capture and control natural forces and, two, it takes on the original purpose of such elements as found in nature, namely, to attract good fortune and to protect against external threats.


The photo opposite was taken by Abdel Aziz Gbetnkom, he attended at this harvest festival and was sat among 14 chiefs of neighbouring villages and took some great photos of this spectical and shared them with us, as this porcupine quill headdress here for sale, Abdel purchased for us from his village on our behalf.


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