Dan Bangle

Dan Bangle showing beautiful and intricate design.

Dan Bracelet

Tribe: Dan

Origin: Cote d’Ivoire

Approx Age: Early 20th Century

Materials: Brass

Dimensions cm: 6.5 (H) x 8 (W)

Ref. Number: 1599


Dan bangle from the Dan people of Cote d’Ivoire. Beautifully cast using the last wax process to produce a stunning design showing the skill of the maker. Cast in brass making it heavy and solid. Nodules to either side taking on the resemblance of small tiny bells adding to the beauty and design of this item of Dan jewellery. Shows signs of use and wear all of which support the age of this bangle. 


Provenance: Helmut and Marianne Zimmer, Zurich.



Jewellery has fascinated people of all cultures in its various forms and materials throughout the centuries. Especially in Africa and from a cultural point of view bracelets, anklets, amulets, necklaces and bangles are precious and valued not only for their beauty but also as items of worship, magical and protective properties. Being made of metals or metal alloys over the centuries has seen a plentiful variety of design, shape and size of bangles being made using the lost wax method of production. Ranging from the very plain and simple to very intricate style and design depending on the use and need for the wearer. Body ornaments such as jewellery in West Africa are also part of religious beliefs and indeed are used to symbolize the rank and affiliation of the owner or wearer. Within some ethnic groups, it is known that fortune-tellers can prescribe that a person would wear a piece of jewellery whether it takes the form of necklace, bracelet, amulet or bangle to help protect and keep away evil spirits. However and for whatever reason, these items are worn or used for the bangle is a piece of jewellery that adorns the body making and helping its wearer to feel good, safe and perhaps protected. 

Dan Bangle

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