Dogon Bangle or Bracelet

A rare Dogon bangle or bracelet of the hogon. Ex-old private UK collection.
Tribe: Dogon

Origin: Mali

Approx Age: Early-mid 20th Century

Materials: Iron

Dimensions cm: 6cm diameter of bangle 3cm opening.

Ref. Number: 1378


An exquisite example of a Dogon bangle or bracelet worn by the hogon. Twisted iron to make the bangle itself with curled off ends with a fantastic looped design between the two twists to support the hanging bells. A very beautiful, rare and powerful piece of Dogon jewellery.

Provenance: Ex-old private UK collection.


The Hogon is considered to possess great magical powers and is often considered a powerful Sorcerer who lives as a hermit in the higher parts of the village, the part which is considered somewhat sacred. The Hogon treats illnesses, performs divination and fortune telling and represents the overall spirituality of the community. The Hogon is surrounded by many taboos: they are not to be touched and live apart from the Community Areas and Village.

The hogon would wear iron jewellery to give him spiritual and magical powers to help him with his daily tasks such as written above, fortune telling and healing etc, he would wear other iron adornments such as a necklace/necklaces known as”amma talu” or “nommo koro” with stone bead pendants of polished stones were called “dugo“. They were looked upon as “signs of alliance” between the wearer and a spiritual power. “Hogons” for example, the supreme religious authorities of the Dogon, are priests of Lebe and wear “dugo” necklaces that ally them with this mythic ancestor.


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