Dogon Body Dance Adornment

Dogon body dance adornment made up of woven fibres straps fully covered in cowrie shells.

Tribe: Dogon

Origin: Mali

Approx Age: Late 20th Century

Materials: Woven Fibres/Cowrie Shells

Dimensions cm: 72 (shoulder – bottom) x 52 (across the chest)

Ref. Number: M0540


A full Dogon Body Dance Adornment. This is a lovely full body dance adornment from the Dogon of Mali. Made up of woven fibres straps fully covered in cowrie shells. This adornment is worn over the shoulders and around the waist almost like a waistcoat. Worn along side a raffia skirt and wrist adornments complimenting the mask, of which there are many,  this cowrie shell  body dance adornment completes this tribal dance attire.


The Dogon of Mali celebrate and perform many dances for many different reasons, weddings, funerals, the first rains, the start of millet season. Music also plays a big part in the dances and celebrations .There are dances and music to commemorate the ancestors during funerals or dama two or three years after village elders die. It’s when masks come out to guide the souls of the dead outside the village and into the world of ancestors. The Dogon still practice an ancient dance tradition, called the Dama memorial, which marks the passing of village elders. Often lasting as long as three days, these ceremonies involve dozens of dancers representing spirits from the animal kingdom and underworld. A special dance with masks takes place every two or three years after the harvest of millet, sorghum, cotton and onions. These dances also take place at the return of a successful hunt or when several people have died in a village.

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