Dogon Mancala

An amazing and ancient Dogon Mancala from the ex collection of Seward Kennedy.

Tribe: Dogon

Origin: Mali

Approx Age: 19th Century

Materials: Wood

Dimensions cm: 71 x 19

Ref. Number: 0914



An amazing and ancient Dogon Mancala from the ex-collection of Seward Kennedy. This truly shows years of serious use and age, the pots have extensive wear from pulling out the seeds from the hollows and worn down the sides.

Provenance: Ex-Seward Kennedy Collection. Exhibited: Tribal Art London Exhibition 2022


Mancala within the Dogon tribe are handed down from generation to generation as gifts or once someone has passed away, so these games are normally  kept within a family for many years until they do not function in the way they are meant to. Due to the age of this piece and that a piece has worn away / broken, this is possibly why this was obtainable. Mancala games/boards differ from region to region in style of the board and construction ie: some Mancala have legs and feet, ornate bases and the number of hollows may vary. This Dogon Mancala displays a set of 12 hollows and would have had a large hollow either end to which one has worn away / broken and presents in quite a structural form sat on feet, and extremely weathered, this is also showing exquisite signs of constant use over very many years.  A beautiful, old and authentic piece of every day used Dogon  entertainment.

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