Dogon Zoomorphic Iron Gong

A lovely styled Dogon zoomorphic iron gong collected in the 1970’s from its previous owner Mr Anai Dolo.
Tribe: Dogon Origin: Mali Approx Age: Early 20th century Materials: Iron Dimensions cm: 41 long x 8cm widest point Ref. Number: 1357
Description: A very nice Dogon zoomorphic iron gong with a split resounding body, shaped in the form of a bird, according to Mr Anai Dolo, the Dogon man whom this gong was obtained from by Lampevelden. This gong was mostly played with a wooden stick but sometimes a metal finger ring would be used. This lovely old musical instrument comes with its own bespoke stand. Provenance: Collected in situ 1970s. Ex Lampevelden collection, Netherlands


The Dogon use music like many other tribes, mostly for celebration. This iron hand held gong would have been made by the blacksmith of the village for the musician, this has been forged in the form of a bird, head at one end and tail feathers the other, cleverly made as this can be held either end and can be struck in the centre by either a stick or a large metal ring that the Dogon were well known for wearing. Joyful celebration,  funeral celebration or everyday entertainment for passing the time, musical instruments have been a way of life for the Dogon people for hundreds of years and the Tellem before them. Musical instruments vary from drums to iron gongs which come in different shapes, sizes and forms, sistrum shakers (a special instrument that is made of a rod of wood and calabashes that makes the sound of a rattle), to koras (stringed instruments).

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