Kuba Nchak Dance Skirt

A stunning and old Kuba Nchak Dance Skirt from the Kuba Kingdom. Ex Seward Kennedy Collection.
Tribe: Kuba

Origin: DRC

Approx Age: Mid 20th Century

Materials: Raffia

Dimensions cm: 180 x 74

Ref. Number: 1070a



A stunning and old Kuba Nchak Dance Skirt from the Kuba Kingdom of Democratic Republic of Congo. Kuba Skirt “Nchak” also known as “Ntshak”, this particular style  of Nchak the Kuba call Buin Bushin . This stunning piece of traditional Kuba attire shows plenty of signs of use. The centre section is in a red colour edged with the traditional linear designed patterns typical and so easily recognised from the Kuba. There are many colours used through out the making of this beautiful Kuba Nchak or Nshaak skirt,  black, blue, green, red and  cream.

Provenance: Ex Seward Kennedy Collection.


The Nchak for ordinary day to day wear is usually a white and red garment worn wrapped around the lower body and held at the waist or beneath the breasts by a folded band of cloth or a belt made of twisted multi strand fiber. Nchak usually consists of two or three raffia panels. In ceremonial dances Nchak worn by women are considerably longer than those in every day wear. However today Nchak are made up of square or rectangular pieces of cloth sewn together lengthwise and assembled in such a way as to show off the unity of the panels or of their lateral movement, which is accented either by the use of alternating panels dyed red or black, or by sewing together panels of different dimensions.

Both Kuba male and female garments made of raffia cloth have been worn wrapped around the waist and held up by a belt. Where today this practice is falling into disuse, garments decorated with intricate designs are still designed for wear at funerals or kept to be given to the dead as grave offerings.

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