Senufo Stool

The Senufo stool is strictly a personal item and is said to be the seat of the owner’s soul.
Tribe: Senufo

Origin: Dicodougou, Ivory Coast

Approx Age: Mid 20th Century

Materials: Wood

Dimensions cm: 23 wide x 17 tall

Ref. Number: 0952


A beautiful, heavy and aged Senufo stool found in Dicodougou. Its four legs are round peg style and show signs of plenty of use down to the fact each of the ends of the legs have been worn away were the stool would have been placed repeatedly in the ground. The actual seat of this lovely stool shows a stunning crazed wood patina exposing the true nature and beauty of the wood, the last photo looks very bright almost as though it is white but is only light reflecting from the shiny patina. A truly endearing piece of Senufo art.


The seat is the most important piece of furniture in Africa, usually taking the form of a stool or a chair. It serves as a social insignia because each person is entitled to a type of seat which corresponds to their social rank. It was said that a man was judged and respected according to the kind of stool he had. The stool is a strictly personal item and is said to be the seat of the owner’s soul. Stools can be bought by anyone, as long as the model is appropriate to the person’s social status. Most stools are carved out of a single piece of wood. You will also find many Senufo figures depicting a woman seated on a similar style of stool.


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