Tsonga Stool

Tsonga stool from the Tsonga people cleverly carved and coloured a dark brown/black.
Tribe: Tsonga

Origin: Southern Africa

Approx Age: Later 20th Century

Materials: Wood/colour pigment

Dimensions cm: 33 (tall) x 29 (wide)

Ref. Number: 1176


Tsonga stool of the Tsonga people, whose language group is over a wide area of countries in Southern Africa. A captivatingly designed stool from the Tsonga people. Created from a single piece of a hardwood, skillfully carved and then coloured a black/dark brown colour. The seat is thick and round as is the base providing a very stable seat. There are a few chips around the seat but this is only to be expected as a seat/stool is an everyday item being regularly used.


Tsonga, also spelt Thonga, culturally similar Bantu-speaking peoples inhabiting the southern coastal plain of Mozambique,  parts of Zimbabwe and Swaziland, and the Transvaal, of South Africa. They numbered some 4.6 million in the late 20th century. They speak Xitsonga, a Southern Bantu language which is closely related to neighbouring Nguni, Basotho, and Vhavenda. A Tsonga village normally comprises of a few houses surrounded by grazing pastures and agricultural land. The ritual of polygamy is prevalent and with many wives and many more children, it is possible that an entire village is made up of only one family started by only one male member. Indeed even with a simple everyday item such as the stool amongst the Tsonga it is men only that are allowed to sit on it.

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