Wodaabe Ostrich Feather Headdress

Endearing Wodaabe ostrich feather headdress.

Tribe: Wodaabe

Origin: Niger

Approx Age: Mid 20th Century

Materials: Material/Ostrich feathers

Dimensions cm: 30 (tall) x 15 (wide) not including tails

Ref. Number: 1338



Simple with a glamour appeal Wodaabe headdress. Made with a padded material covered headband. The material is wound around the headband with longer strips of material to both sides. The long strips/tails are used to fasten the headdress around the head. One large and one small ostrich feather are inserted into the middle of the headband giving both strong visibility and adding a touch of elegance and glamour.

Provenance: Hans van Drumpt collection.


At the end of the rainy season in September, Wodaabe clans gather in several traditional locations before the beginning of their dry season migration. The best known of these is In-Gall’s Cure Salee salt market and Taureg seasonal festival. Here the young Wodaabe men, with elaborate make-up, feathers and other adornments, perform the Yaake: dances and songs to impress marriageable women. The male beauty ideal of the Wodaabe stresses tallness, white eyes and teeth; the men will often roll their eyes and show their teeth to emphasize these characteristics. Wodaabe clans then join for the remainder of the week-long Gerewol: a series of barters over marriage and contests where the young men’s beauty and skills are judged by young women.

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