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As within all African art, stools or chairs are no exception regarded as one of the most important items of tribal use. Usually carved from a single piece of wood, whether a simple design used for everyday activities such as milking cows, goats, social gatherings or communal meetings of the elders to discuss matters of importance to the more elaborate and intricate configurations, adorned with cowrie shells and or intricate designs of small coloured glass beads for the grand, ceremonial occasions and traditional rituals of their tribal beliefs. The more elaborate stools, seats and chairs belong to the Chief or King and he would be only person who would have the right to sit on them.
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A Chief or King within any tribe would have a stool commissioned that could incorporate many different forms, the depiction of animals in the form of leopards, elephants, crocodiles, buffalo, and people to name a few. All of the animals are chosen as a symbol of the powers and strength they hold and these characteristics are held with great regard and respect. Taking many weeks to not only carve and then to adorn, either with the use of pigment, cowrie shells or intricate patterned bead work, each and every tribe has its own unique style of carving and decoration that not only is typical to their tribe but that also reflects and shows and makes a statement of wealth, strength and traditional culture.

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